Top Marketing Experts Reveal The Secrets You Need To Increase Your Sales & Get more customers... Guaranteed!
In Just 3 Days You Will Learn The Exact Steps To Jumpstart Your Business, Even If You Don't Know Anything About Marketing
  •   Learn - The Shortcut To 10X Your Business
  •   Develop - The Exact Steps Your New Customers Will Take
  •   Laser Target - Your Marketing to your Ideal Customer 
  •   Reprogram - Your Mind For Ultimate Success
  •   And So Much More!
BizNinja - Sales Automation Masterclass
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Dr John DeWitt Says,

"It has been mind blowing! Tyler pointed out the exact things that were going on with my business that weren't quite right ..."
Why The BizNinja Sales Automation Masterclass Is:
The Closest Thing To FREE Money That You'll Ever See!
To Have a Professional sales funnel built for your business could cost you up to $50,000! let's build yours together and you keep the change.
  • Value Ladder - We'll Develop A Plan To Grow Revenue
  • Sales Funnels - Learn Secrets From My #1 Funnel Hacker
  • Videos - Top Industry Leaders Share What Works
  • Mindset - Break Through Your Own Glass Ceiling
Tyler Speaking at UCLA
Sales Funnel 101
Bonus, Receive My Favorite 'Simple' Funnel
And it's really that simple...
I'm pulled out all of the stops for this event. I flew in experts from all across the country just for you.
The online course is fun... and you're going to learn a ton!
Every minute you wait to sign up for the "Sales Automation Masterclass" is another minute your business will continue to underperform instead of using these proven tactics to quickly and easily grow your business!

But don't just take my word for it... take a look at this!

"You'll Be Wow'd"

Mark is the easiest to work with and smartest web developer I have worked with. And I've been selling on the internet since 1999. He is an absolute pleasure to work with. He understands marketing, design, coding and most of all hacking stuff to make it awesome. Use Mark and Tyler and you will not be disappointed. You'll be Wow'd!

- Mario Costanz
CEO - Happy Tax Franchising
You Could Literally Be Just A Few Steps Away From DOUBLING, TRIPLING, or even 10X-ing your business... but do you know which ones?
We can show you at the event...
Your Success Is My Business!
Here Are just some of the experts who Spoke at the event
Tyler Jorgenson, MBA
Tyler Jorgenson, MBA
The BizNinja
Tyler Jorgenson is a California based entrepreneur, USC MBA graduate, ABC News Radio Host, family man (and, just once, a reality show contestant). 

Since the age of 5, and possibly earlier, Tyler has been inventing creative ways to make money. Jorgenson finds great joy in assisting clients and friends reach their goals and achieve greatness. 

Tyler has owned a restaurant, 5 CrossFit gyms, a real estate company, a mortgage firm, retail websites and manufactured products sold in hundreds of stores.

Known as one the most knowledgeable Funnel Strategists and revenue accelerators today, Tyler will be leading the Sales Automation Masterclass
Amanda Pittenger
Sales Funnel Specialist
Amanda holds a host of certifications from ClickFunnels. She is a business coach, and owner of Dake House Consulting and Communications. 

Over the past two years Amanda followed the blueprint we'll teach during the Sales Automation Masterclass to go from making $400 per week to $400 per HOUR. She'll share how a few of her favorite secrets can help your business convert leads like crazy!

Learn how she took $800 and turned it into $18,000 in less than 10 days!
Mark Bangerter
Mark Bangerter
AKA The Funnel Doc
"The Funnel Doc"
Mark Bangerter is a results oriented brand strategist, published author and the #1 Rated ClickFunnels Expert 

For years Mark has been helping to launch funnels, products and businesses in categories such as nutraceuticals, consumer goods, accessories, fitness and beauty. 

With a Masters degree in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University and years of practical experience Mark brings book smarts and street cred to every project.

Mark is known for his ability to explain the complexities of sales funnel building in an easy to understand strategy. Mark will be Zooming in to teach us how to blueprint.
If Growing Your Business Is Important To You - Sign Up Today!
A Few Words of Warning!

First Thing to Remember

We don't accept monkeys... or anyone who's not serious or willing to put their money where their mouth is. Don't apply if you don't understand that it takes money to join our program. We know you'll make a lot more, but don't think this is free... or even cheap!

Second Thing to Remember

Experience trumps all. If you aren't coachable, then we don't want you... period.

Third Thing to Remember

If you forget this than you might as well have forgotten everything I've told you so far. So make sure you don't forget this or else you would have wasted all of your time so far... and that would be just too bad.
This course is for people who have something to offer. 

What I mean, is that it is a collection of already successful individuals. 

If you don't have two nickels to rub together, and you're looking to join so you can make a fast buck, forget it.  

You're not the kind of person we're looking for. 

We're looking for people who have value to provide the group, who LOVE business and entrepreneurship, and LOVE to share what's working.

So, That's The Idea Behind The 'Sales Automation Masterclass'

To grow this event into a network of friends... To have these incredible experiences together, to deepen relationships and grow.  

So, if you're interested in joining us at The Monarch Beach Resort in October, apply today
You'll Get Access To All of The Videos, Worksheets and Tools that People paid over $5,000 for! 
Sales Automation Masterclass Schedule 
Section 1
Establishing Your Vision
Dreamlining Your Future 
Establishing Your Customer Avatar 

Section 2
Laying The Groundwork

What is a Sales Funnel, Anyway? 
Funnel Hacking Secrets
Value Ladder Strategy Session 
Jeff & Tara Williams - Success Through Strategy

Section 3
Building Your System
Building Your Blueprint 
Copywriting Secrets 
Completing Your Wireframe 
How To Fuel Your Traffic 
Putting It All To Work 
If Growing Your Business Is Important To You - Enroll Today!
  • Is this course for only for digital marketers? - This course is for entrepreneurs, sales managers, VP's, CEO's and anybody who has direct responsibility for increasing sales. You don't need any experience with online marketing. 
  • Is this right for me? - Only if you want to make more money.  If you want more high qualified customers, then this is right for you. We've worked with professional services, medical practices, supplement companies, gyms, etailers, consultants, authors and more. 
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