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Your Business Should Be Giving You The Lifestyle You Want, Not Controlling Your Life. 
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Your Business Should Be Giving You The Lifestyle You Want, Not Controlling Your Life. 

Being Self Employed Can Be The Worlds Greatest Lie: The Worst Employer With The Least Amount Of Freedom. Or, It Can Be The Most Liberating Vehicle Ever Designed.

It All Comes Down To Building With Deliberate Intent.

You May Have To Get Uncomfortable. You're Going To Have To Perform An Honest Review Of Your Current Situation. What Parts Of Your Business Are Broken? Where Are You Spending Too Much Time? Where Are You Finding Yourself Constantly Wishing That People Just Had 'Common Sense'? 

Odds Are, You're The Problem. You're Probably The Bottleneck. 

The Good News Is, There Is A Fix. You Can Have The Lifestyle You Wanted When You First Decided To Start A Business. You Can Have Time To Pursue Your Hobbies, Play With Your Kids, Travel, And Breath.
Tyler Jorgenson, MBA
Tyler Jorgenson is a California based entrepreneur, USC MBA, ABC News Radio Show Host, family man (and, just once, a reality show contestant). 

Since the age of 5, and possibly earlier, Tyler has been inventing creative ways to make money. Jorgenson finds great joy in assisting clients and friends reach their goals and achieve greatness.  

As an entrepreneur Tyler has owned a restaurant,  gyms, a real estate company, a mortgage firm, retail websites and developed dozens of products sold in stores in several countries. Tyler is well known as one of the top Sales Funnel Strategists and can often be found building in ClickFunnels®.

" Be Loyal To Your Future,
Not The Past"
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This is Tyler: He believes in you... in your dreams and in your ability to create the ideal life (whatever that means to you).

Isn't it time you believed in yourself, too?!
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